Who I am

I have lived in Miami, FL between 2008 and 2014 and have developed my passion for photography during that time. I’m fascinated with keeping moments alive- especially with long-exposure technique, I  record the atmosphere, the beauty and even the emotional revelation in that specific moment. Since the only thing we really have, is this moment, it is even more worthy for me to capture an image which shows the abundance of this world, the composition of light, space and time in that magical moment.

I grew up in Germany near Stuttgart and currently I live in Hamburg with my four year old son. I love surfing, yoga, chocolate cake … the list is endless… and I especially love to get carried by the flow of life and enjoy the grace of this world.

I’m happy to share my passion and work with you ~ please enjoy the ride on my website and feel free to contact me with any questions.

My philosophy
Magic happens now. Stay present and conscious and don’t miss the magic.
My strength

Being inspired by amazing fine art landscape images from many famous photographers I perfected my sense and vision for beautiful frames out there in the world. During different photo shootings and other activities like teaching yoga I developed the ability to create a safe space where creativity can unfold and where the model can unmask and be real.

Goals & values
  1. Capture magical moments

  2. Create stunning and timeless images

  3. Inspire people

  4. Create a safe space during photo shoots

  5. Offer flawless quality

How I see myself 🙂
Being my best self
Ability to live in the moment
Discipline to be a free spirit
Services & products
Personal photo shoot

Keeping the magic alive, get your moment captured on images and enjoy high quality pics to stay connected with these events for a lifetime. Click on the icon to learn more…

Mood & business pics

Get your business profile and services captured on images and use them for your website, flyers, business cards and office wall decoration. Click on the icon to learn more…

Post card sets

Series of stunning landscape pictures in a post card bundle. Perfect for your store to increase your sale.

Magic cards

Popping art creations in form of cards and post cards. Check out the shop and order your inspiration…

Fine wall art ~ acrylic

Let your walls shine with gallery prints. Choose any image from the shop and get it printed and mounted under acrylic glass. The pictures are great complements to any interiors- home, offices, hotels, restaurants. Click on the icon to learn more…

Fashion photo shoot

Book me to get your professional fashion images for your specific print and web media…

Equipment rental

In need of any off camera light equipment? Contact me…

Yoga & sports photo shoot

Get your yoga & sport pics for your website, flyers and social media posts. Different packages are available. Click the icon to learn more….